Latest project update: v1.71 beta

Lately we have focused a lot on modifying our site. We spent our free time implementing and configuring new systems and purchased new modules from the NamelessMC marketplace. We are glad that you are with us and for the fact that you support us. Each download button pressed gives us a new confidence to develop this project. Also, every recommendation and positive rating makes us continue with the same quality as before.

Let's show you what we brought new in the 1.70 beta version of the site. We would like to inform you that the site is running a beta version. What this means? Well, at any time the site may be subject to unexpected changes or you may experience problems navigating daily. We are here at any time to prevent this. Contact us by a ticket, by discord or by e-mail and present us with any problems encountered.

  1. The user account has undergone minor changes.
  2. We have implemented a ticket system.
  3. At your request, the donation page has been added to the site again.
  4. Hosting packages for available Minecraft servers.
  5. Adding a Category for Documentation. From now on, the Wiki category is waiting for you with the latest information about modifying a resource downloaded from the site. (Documentation being added)
  6. Premium resource category.
  7. Enriching the question and answer page (FAQ).
  8. Discord bots brand SuperHori. Starting today, we are distributing our public Discord bots with you. They are in the category Others> Discord Bots.

Changes were also made to the discord server. These changes were made by the operator Gabu who was most involved in helping to develop the SuperHori.Com project.

  1. Changing discord channels.
  2. Adding new ranks and permissions.
  3. Creating a custom ticket bot.

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