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A new project!
SuperHori Founder
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2 months ago

Hello guys! 👋

I am happy to announce that shortly we will open a new project that we have been working on for some time. Well, it is a small hosting site that will open shortly. Through this site we want to expand our field of activity and offer you more than resources. 🤩

The discord server of our new site was created today, that's why I'm waiting for you in large numbers. 🥺

Because we want to bring people a little happiness when we open a new site, I want to announce that the users of the SuperHori.Com platform will have a 20% discount for certain services purchased from the new site. 😺

👀 If you have questions about the new project, we are waiting for you with a ticket on the new Discord server. We are open to answer all your questions.


🌍 New Discord server: https://discord.gg/MUe2UXAawA

Our new project is in continuous development. If you want to contact us quickly, we are waiting for you on the discord server attached above in this message. Also, if you want to report certain misunderstandings, we are waiting for you with an email at contact@superhori.com. The XtremeHosting project is owned by the SuperHori.Com administration, so please stay up to date with the latest news because we will publish a new list of terms and conditions that will include all the sites in our network. Thank you for understanding!

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