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Goodbye v2, welcome v3!
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4 months ago

Hello! As you can see our website has gone through some minor changes. Well, we thought that after almost 2 years of opening it, we would implement a new template for version 3. Here we are, we made this purchase. These days, the inactivity of the site was due to maintenance work done to change the Lithium template to the Cobalt template. Also, the final template that arrived on the site went through small changes made by me specifically for our site. Here's what we changed during this period:

  • The resource page that comes in the template has been slightly modified due to some design errors that occurred from our resources.
  • The F.A.Q's page in the module of the same name has been updated to a version we like.
  • We have added a new Reviews system. From now on you can leave feedback on the improvement of the site.
  • We have added a "Store" button that hides the store we are preparing for the Minecraft server.
  • The "Donate" page has been slightly modified. New information has been added to help you before you donate.
  • The page with all staff members has been added.
  • Rules page added.
  • Vote page added.
  • Suggestion system added.
  • Friends system added. You can make friends with any member on the site.

The site is currently not fully completed. We would like to mention that we are working on the website every day until it is fully functional.
Thank you for your time and trust in preparing this update.

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