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XtremeHosting.Org officialy closed today!
SuperHori Founder
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4 months ago

Hello dear customers!

You may have noticed that the XtremeHosting project has been suddenly shut down for about 3 days. Well we have a reason for this sudden shutdown that, frankly, we were not informed about. Our services were hosted in a data center in Germany and due to a rather trivial error in the data center's billing system, our servers were suspended without an invoice for payment or an email about the suspension. So, after our servers were suspended, we contacted the administration of that data center and found out that they didn't even have a backup of the servers to be able to offer to our customers. Currently most of our customers have received their money back, with the next money to be transferred during December 2022.

Currently the only remaining active services are dedicated servers and web domains. These can still be renewed via the Discord platform. If there are people willing to transfer their domain registered with us to another hosting provider, you can request on Discord the EPP code with which this progress takes place.

We apologise for the inconvenience. The XtremeHosting domain is currently for sale for $200.


XtremeHosting Administrative Team.
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