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Hello! As you can see our website has gone through some minor changes. Well, we thought that after almost 2 years of opening it, we would implement a new template for version 3. Here we are, we made this purchase. These days, the inactivity of the site was due to maintenance work done to change the Lithium template to the Cobalt template. Also, the final template that arrived on the site went through small changes made by me specifically for our site. Here's what we changed during this period:

  • The resource page that comes in the template has been slightly modified due to some design errors that occurred from our resources.
  • The F.A.Q's page in the module of the same name has been updated to a version we like.
  • We have added a new Reviews system. From now on you can leave feedback on the improvement of the site.
  • We have added a "Store" button that hides the store we are preparing for the Minecraft server.
  • The "Donate" page has been slightly modified. New information has been added to help you before you donate.
  • The page with all staff members has been added.
  • Rules page added.
  • Vote page added.
  • Suggestion system added.
  • Friends system added. You can make friends with any member on the site.

The site is currently not fully completed. We would like to mention that we are working on the website every day until it is fully functional.
Thank you for your time and trust in preparing this update.

Goodbye v2, welcome v3! 20 days ago

Hello guys! 👋

I am making this post because I want to inform you a little about what will happen to our project in the next period. As you may have noticed lately no resources have been published on the site and no existing resources have been updated. With this post I would like to tell you what has happened and what will happen to SuperHori Studios in the coming period.

At the moment we are going through a bit of a difficult period and we need time to get back on track. For those of you who live in Europe, you know that the war in Ukraine has affected the price of electricity, gas and food. On top of that most hosting providers have had to increase the price of the packages they offer. That's why the amount of money we invest in paying for the servers behind the project has doubled. Although the project is not big, we have chosen to use modern services to ensure that it remains online at all times. So, for a while we will stop developing other resources and move the whole SuperHori Studios project to new servers.

What will happen after this period?

We will continue to prepare resources. We also want to expand our team so that we can offer you new and better resources. We will also expand our Mc-Market (now Builtbybit) portfolio with modern servers and more.

What resources will we prepare during this period?

Here is a short list of what we plan to create while the project takes a short break.

  • A free Minecraft Lobby Setup
  • Minecraft OneBlock server setup
  • Minecraft SkyBlock server setup
  • Minecraft BungeeCord Network (3 minigames) server setup
  • A free NamelessMC panel template
  • A free HTML blog template

These resources will most likely be published from January 2023. Until then we will do our best to update the current resources on the site.


Thank you!

What happens to the project in the next period? 25 days ago

👋 Hello guys!

We managed to fix the problem that appeared on the documentation page of our website. Thanks to reflexLabs, the wiki is working smoothly again.
We are currently in the process of creating the necessary documentation for all the resources available on our website. Until then, any questions can be directed to us on the Discord server. The link can be found in the black bar on the website before the general menu.

We also want to make technical assistance available again through support tickets. This is currently being re-implemented.
We would like to mention that our website is in continuous development, therefore frequent maintenance work is possible. We are also waiting for you on our Discord server so that you can get in touch with our team faster.

Also, our new online shop available through Fiverr will soon be available. But more information will be provided at the time of publication.
Thank you for being with us every day! 💙

Documentation available again about 1 month ago

Hello guys! 👋

As you well know our website has a bug at the download module. This error don't allow us to leave resources for download without to account creation. From our tests this bug is not from module, is from Lithium template for NamelessMC.

So, at the moment we have to use the default template that the platform comes with. Downloading resources can now be done without creating an account or logging into the user account. This problem was also reported to the current developer of the template, Coldfire.

We are looking forward to the new version of templates which we hope comes with this bug fixed. Thank you for being with us and understanding the problem we encountered.

Back to Default NamelessMC template about 1 month ago

Hello guys! 👋

I am happy to announce that shortly we will open a new project that we have been working on for some time. Well, it is a small hosting site that will open shortly. Through this site we want to expand our field of activity and offer you more than resources. 🤩

The discord server of our new site was created today, that's why I'm waiting for you in large numbers. 🥺

Because we want to bring people a little happiness when we open a new site, I want to announce that the users of the SuperHori.Com platform will have a 20% discount for certain services purchased from the new site. 😺

👀 If you have questions about the new project, we are waiting for you with a ticket on the new Discord server. We are open to answer all your questions.


🌍 New Discord server: https://discord.gg/MUe2UXAawA

Our new project is in continuous development. If you want to contact us quickly, we are waiting for you on the discord server attached above in this message. Also, if you want to report certain misunderstandings, we are waiting for you with an email at contact@superhori.com. The XtremeHosting project is owned by the SuperHori.Com administration, so please stay up to date with the latest news because we will publish a new list of terms and conditions that will include all the sites in our network. Thank you for understanding!

A new project! 2 months ago