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BungeeCord Setup - A setup for beginners!

Viewing resource BungeeCord Setup - A setup for beginners! [1.0]

A perfect configuration for beginners!

BungeeCord Setup

A perfect configuration for beginners!

We thought of creating this setup for people who want to create their own Minecraft server but have limited knowledge in this domain. This setup contains some essential plugins for starting a server properly. Customizing the server is very simple and does not require knowledge of programming languages. We also offer free technical assistance for every problem you encounter.

To take advantage of the assistance from our team, we advise you to create a support ticket on our Discord server. We dedicate our free time to solve the problems you encounter. We are also waiting for your proposals for future setups.

Now let me show you some pictures.

1. Custom /glist command

2. Custom /alert command

3. Hex server MOTD (visible from 1.16+)

4. HelpOP system

5. Custom BungeeCord messages

7. Server messages

The purchase of this setup can also be done via Paysafecard or Skrill, but additional fees apply for these. To purchase it using one of the methods listed, please contact us.

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23 Sep 2022
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23 Sep 2022
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23 Sep 2022, 02:29