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Welcome to SuperHori's rules page!
Compliance with the rules throughout the use of our services or time spent on the minecraft server is mandatory. Every deviation from these rules results in the user being banned from our network.

We would like to mention that the regulation is constantly changing. It may be changed at any time without prior notice from SuperHori Studios.
Also, please send pictures or videos of people who deviate from the current rules. Our team will take the necessary measures and you will be rewarded.

You can also get in touch with us either on our Discord server, Instagram page, Facebook page or email: contact@superhori.com


Website rules

I know it's strange but we have implemented a policy on our website. We hope that this will be respected by users. Otherwise, we will have to deny you access to the premises.

  1. Any advertising is strictly prohibited.
  2. The use of vulgar language is prohibited.
  3. Posting pornographic pictures is strictly forbidden.
  4. Publishing our resources on other sites without our consent is strictly prohibited.
  5. Creating new topics in inappropriate categories is strictly forbidden.