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Welcome to SuperHori's Wiki!

👋 Welcome

Welcome to the official SuperHori.Com documentation.
We are happy to announce that our Wiki system has come back to life with the help of reflexLabs and the Wiki module for NamelessMC. From 25 October 2022 we will be working on adding the necessary documentation for every resource available on our website.

❓ About SuperHori Studios

SuperHori.Com was born in 2019 with the idea of opening a personal blog on which to post all sorts of stuff from different domains. Since the project was not successful at that time we decided to move to an online radio station that could also be integrated into FiveM or SA:MP servers. The radio has been a great success in the first 2 months after launch. It has been integrated into 10 FiveM and SA:MP servers and we have registered 80+ listeners daily. The project came to an abrupt halt shortly after this, as we were unable to obtain all the necessary paperwork for the radio. Later I gave birth to this site where I decided to publish my resources. Currently, this is the most successful project I manage and enjoy every day.

🌍 Important Links

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